Working together to be the world’s most loved travel company
Travel Counsellors Family Support Staff

Here at Travel Counsellors we are proud of our people. They are what make the company so special. And that's why we only recruit the best. Every single member of our 200 plus strong support team in the UK, and the team here in Ireland, play a huge role and are truly passionate about supporting our Travel Counsellors and making their businesses a success.


Each of our Travel Counsellors has a dedicated business development person who knows their business inside out and can help them to build their business. We also have a dedicated admin team who will take care of all your paperwork and a care team on hand to assist with any of your queries.

What we do at head office
State of the art technology
Phenix IT System Travel Agent

• Access to an in-house IT helpdesk offering 24 hour support
• Award winning technology including our dynamic packaging system Phenix, robotic ticketing, online payments and voucher management
• An IT development team working on creating the best in-house systems, ensuring we’re always ahead of the game

"Our technology is excellent but most importantly, constantly improving and advancing!"

Travel Counsellor Jennifer O'Brien
24 hour support
Travel Agent Communication Head Office

• A helpdesk team providing 24 hour emergency support on challenging bookings
• Personal business development specialist providing advice on growing a business
• A commercial team negotiating the very best supplier deals


"The team are so supportive and always there to help. I simply couldn't ask for more"

Travel Counsellor Rosemary Chawke
Travel Counsellors Marketing

• A dedicated marketing team focused on providing the very best tools and materials to help promote your business
• Innovative marketing materials and creative on and offline campaigns for leisure and business travel.
• A PR team providing support in building publicity in your local area

"The marketing support is amazing. I would never have been able to put together all the marketing tools we have access to."

Travel Counsellor Jennifer O'Brien
How we care for you
Feeling valued
Feeling Valued Travel Counsellors

We believe everyone has their part to play in their success of the company and we want every single member of our staff to fulfil their career potential. That's why, if you join us, we are dedicated to giving you the tools, training and support to be the best you can be.

Our ethos
Travel Counsellors Head Office Family

Travel Counsellors may have grown into a large, international company but at our heart we are still a family business. Central to our success is our family ethos, where everyone is important and knows they are valued. Our purpose is to make a positive difference to people's lives. It's something we live by every day. Our values of integrity, positivity, loyalty and family are not an 'add on' to the business but at its very heartbeat. We are focused, positive and professional, but above all we care - about each other, about our agents and about the Travel Counsellors name and reputation. We are proud of what we have achieved at Travel Counsellors and the wonderful people who have joined us. If you share our enthusiasm and want to join the most professional, and the most caring, company in the Irish travel industry we would love to hear from you.