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Travel is special and it has the ability to inspire people like few other industries. Travel Counsellors has seen a rise in experienced travel consultants who have left the industry looking to return, and as a result have introduced an extended induction and training programme for successful candidates to update their travel skills and knowledge

We support you so you never feel alone

We include one-on-one sales advice and further detailed training on the company's technology including it's in-house dynamic packaging system Phenix. Travel Counsellors also focus on showing agents how to build their customer database and market to them using innovative and 'easy to use' technology. To join the re-training programme, there is a one-off fee of €1500. Find out more about the support we offer here.

Making the move
Taking the step
Irish homebased travel agent
Training and Support

When I joined Travel Counsellors I was petrified. I hadn't worked in the travel industry for over ten years. However, I found the training invaluable in that a lot of the material I had learnt in the past came flooding back. I found that the material and training provided was condensed, precise and to the point and extremely helpful in how I operate and run my business. The support provided by our head office in Cork and in Bolton in the UK is second to none. It's reassuring to know that there is a person at the end of the phone, day or night, in the event of any crisis. I feel that I am now part of a large family in the new friends and colleagues I have formed!

Noreen Lane, Re-Training Graduate

What to Expect
Why return to the travel industry?

"I returned to travel because it was an area I immensely enjoyed working in. In the past, I worked in business travel and enjoyed the fact that I was able to book the type of travel that my clients wanted. I also loved the interaction with clients and my fellow work colleagues. The only downside to my past career was that I worked long hours in a busy environment with little or no reward.

Travel Counsellor was the answer. It allows me to be my own boss, work the hours I wish, build my own business and form new friendships with fellow colleagues and clients."

Antoinette O'Connor, Re-Training Graduate

What the future holds
Take control of your earnings

We have a tried and tested model and track record to enable you to make the move to run your own travel business and realise the income you deserve. As it’s your business you're in charge of how many hours you put in, how many customers you manage and what your margins are. Over 80% of Travel Counsellors agents in Ireland are earning more than ever before and last year the company's top 10 agents in the country earned an average of €55k each. So there really is no limit to your earning potential with Travel Counsellors.

"The support of my colleagues is fantastic; they are always available to give advice. It is a worldwide company and you are made to feel part of a large family."

Antoinette O'Connor, Re-Training Graduate

Do it your way

As a Travel Counsellor, you'll be in complete control of your destiny. If you want to pick your children up from school every day, you can. If you want to earn more, you can. Maybe you simply want to fall back in love with selling travel, away from directional selling... that's fine too. You are running your own business as part of one of the most successful travel company’s in the world, and your day is your own to do things your way, it's liberating. Take a look at one of our webcasts here...


"Travel Counsellors allows me to spend more time with my family without having to commute to work in bad weather or traffic as I now have the luxury of working from home which really appeals to me."

Noreen Lane, Re-Training Graduate

Life as a Travel Counsellor

Nothing inspires people like travel. Yet, many people who are passionate about travel aren't actually in the industry at the moment. We want to offer these incredible people a bright future doing what they love, so we've created a re-training proframme. This will be an in-depth professional franchise training programme, ideal for people who have the ambition to run their own business, a commitment to always go above and beyond for customers and a real love of travel.

We'll give you everything you need to be a success - from developing your knowledge of how the industry works to unique sales techniques to help you win business to personalised support which fits around you and much, much more.

"I am delighted to be back in the travel business. I found the training very good and I found the help and advice from head office to be very reassuring and encouraging"

Antoinette O'Connor, Re-Training Graduate

What Our People Say

"Every Travel Counsellor in the world cares for people, not bookings – it’s what makes us so different and why we have a staggering repeat business rate or 60%"


Mary Foyle,