Life as a Travel Counsellor

Travel Counsellors have a passion for travel

Travel Counsellors is for people who are passionate about travel and want to be a travel agent from home.  If you strive for perfection and take pride in what you do then we’d love for you to join us.  We want our self-employed agents to feel good about what they do.  This is why we give them all the tools and support so they can achieve their goals.

Dedicated support for you and your business

As a home based Travel Counsellor you'll have access to the help, friendship and expertise of 1,300 colleagues worldwide. There are also more than 200 experienced professionals at head office who are dedicated to supporting you and your business.  This leaves you free to focus on providing your customers with tailored, personal service. You'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds as you will be running your own business.  

Passionate about quality customer service

From personalised marketing to award winning technology, dedicated business development support to administration, we'll do everything we can to help you shine. With Travel Counsellors the sky really is the limit. Watch our film below to find out more about the support we offer.

Making the move
Taking the step
irish travel agents
Taking the step

“Travel is my passion and makes me happy. Travel Counsellors allows me to finally have it all – I am in control of my own business, I can create my own work/life balance and I have the support and tools needed to grow my business to whatever size I decide. If you love travel and want to be in control of your own life and destiny then it’s a no brainer! Travel Counsellors is the right choice, just do it: it’s your chance to be brilliant!”

Jennifer O'Brien, Travel Counsellor

What to Expect
training and support
What to Expect

• An informal meeting at head office to talk through the role
• The opportunity to have a ‘test drive’ of our systems
• A 3 day induction where you will meet your business development specialist
• We will arrange to get your equipment set up while you are on induction

“Most people I know cannot understand how I can work from home on my own and not be lonely. I explain all about the fantastic friendships I have made since joining Travel Counsellors. If people are worried about running a business on their own, I tell them about the training in marketing, the golden habits, all the fantastic support from head office in both Cork and the UK and, of course, the earning potential of being a Travel Counsellor. The biggest surprise about working from home has been that I never feel alone”

Mary Foyle, Travel Counsellor

What the future holds
Take control of your earnings

Because it’s your travel business, you’re in charge of how many hours you put in, how many customers you manage and what your margins are. This all means, it’s incredibly difficult to predict your earnings, particularly in the first 12 months but there is no limit to your earning potential with Travel Counsellors.

“I’m definitely earning a lot more than what I earned as a manager of a retail travel shop. I’d say I’m earning at least 30% more. Travel Counsellors has been the best move for me and I love my job!”

Rosemary Chawke, Travel Counsellor

The Clever Stuff

Our award winning technology is as you’d expect from one of the world’s leading travel management companies. Our truly global reach, superfast dynamic packaging system, personalised marketing tools, robotic ticketing technology, credit account facilities, itinerary programme and quality documentation will keep you one step ahead of the pack to win more profitable business. And you don’t have to worry that the systems will be difficult to master – they’re all super easy to use!

“I love that we’re always ahead of the game in the travel industry. We’re never afraid to innovate, especially with our technology developments. Phenix is my very best friend!”

Sarah McCarthy, Travel Counsellor

Helping you shine

We care…about you, about your family and about your business. This commitment to you means our agents are at the centre of everything we do, whilst giving you all the freedom you want and as little or as much support as you need. This very personal approach to training and support gives you all the tools and confidence you need to shine. These include a business support specialist who knows your business inside out, helpful and fun TCTV broadcasts, online message broads, conference, specialist training sessions, personalised marketing and much more…

“I am constantly amazed at how everyone is so thoughtful – if I have a big booking on the boards, the amount of emails I receive from other Travel Counsellors from all over the world is staggering. Plus, the business development team are incredibly passionate and caring”

Mary Foyle, Travel Counsellor

What Our People Say

"The difference is that TC cares about you and your business. If you need help they are there with great ideas or just support no matter when or where you need it"


Jennifer O'Brien, Travel Counsellor

"The joy of being self-employed and empowered to take control of my own destiny is overwhelming. Working with like-minded people who have become my inspiration and friends, makes it fun too!"


Ian Walsh,

"Every Travel Counsellor in the world cares for people, not bookings – it’s what makes us so different and why we have a staggering repeat business rate or 60%"


Mary Foyle,