About us

At our core Travel Counsellors is a family run business, founded on good old fashioned values, no matter how big a business we become.  Our ethos of friendship, camaraderie, caring and support is not an "added extra"; it's at the very centre of who we are.

We believe it's this family ethos that has been a major contributor to our success and has driven the care and attention we offer to our customers, individual Travel Counsellors and staff. In our passion for travel, our insistence on high standards and our ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ promise to customers, we’ve created one of the most loyal customer bases in the world


How it all began

Already an experienced travel agent David Speakman recognised that expert travel consultants were the unsung heroes of the travel industry.  He understood that they came up against countless hurdles which often held them back from putting their customers at the very centre at what they did.  In 1994 David designed a business model which allowed these experts to achieve this. 

Each agent is free to deliver the kind of service they’ve always dreamed of giving.  As a result they’ll deliver a trip that’s right for you.

Since then, we’ve won a number of prestigious awards.  The company has gone from strength to strength.  We have one of the best service records in the world, with agents enjoying a repeat business rate of over 60% as customers come back time and time again.

Travel Counsellors is a truly dynamic and global travel company with more than 1,300 Travel Counsellors across seven countries, supported by local staff in Cork as well as a head office in Bolton. 

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