How we support our Travel Counsellors

The Travel Counsellor


Central to Travel Counsellors is the fact that we are a community which starts with our head office staff, extends to our Travel Counsellors and includes our customers. As we are a family run company it has always been vital to us that we create a family ethos that everyone can feel part of. Due to the fact that our Travel Counsellors all build their businesses from referrals with the same care and personal touches which are core to us, we've built a global family.

We've achieved this by having a strong sense of our corporate social responsibility and our firm belief that this begins with the Directors of the company at head office. They go the extra mile to support head office staff who are able to pass this personal care and attention on to our Travel Counsellors.

We have a number of initiatives in place to support our Travel Counsellors to allow them to continue to deliver this exceptional level of customer service. This includes access to their own personal Business Development Manager, and a confidential counselling service. If any of our Travel Counsellors do become ill or need any support, they know they'll have the full weight and support of the TC family behind them.

As a result it is no surprise to us that the customer service our Travel Counsellors deliver has been rated as some of the best in the world according to the Net Promoter Score System. In addition, we understand that our responsibilities do not end at the Travel Counsellor themselves. It is crucial to support not only our Travel Counsellors but what is important to them, which includes their families. Just a few ways in which we support the families of our Travel Counsellors is our kids, teens and partner initiatives.