When it comes to service, there's no compromise

Andie Walton, Brand Manager


No matter what industry you work in, we've all heard the news of doom, gloom and more doom lately.

As companies cut their cloth amidst this dismal outlook, it could be all too tempting for them to compromise on the quality of customer service and the expertise they provide. Some may preach that price is king, but we believe that the quality of our service will always make us stand out from the crowd, and we couldn't be more proud to support the very best agents in the industry, through the good times and the "bad".

When customers book their travel arrangements through a Travel Counsellor, they are always pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn't just end there. One of our customers put it like this:

"Most people who go on holiday pack things such as a toothbrush, change of underwear, money, etc. When I go on holiday I pack a Travel Counsellor. I would never travel without one, more useful than a toothbrush, more essential than underwear and more valuable than money! I would recommend to all travellers, take a Travel Counsellor with you."

Of course our agents aren't lucky enough to accompany their customers on their trips, but they are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the need arises.

Our company ethos puts a value on relationships rather than transactions, on the right advice rather than the cheapest price and the reliability and credibility that is essential in any relationship. Ultimately we want to always do the right thing for our customers, creating perfect holidays and seamless corporate trips. It's the stuff that dreams are made of.

Our Travel Counsellors are passionate and reliable. They care, like a friend, and most importantly they are at the very heart of our business. We have created such a company where being a friend is applauded. For seventeen years, Travel Counsellors have welcomed the very best agents in the world to enjoy the job they love, to feel secure and to believe they can do great things for their customers. Rather than sell on price, we have always sold on personal service, yet rather than diminish our light in the travel industry, this point of difference has driven our company growth year on year.

With one of the highest customer service (NPS) scores in the world, over 90% of our customers would recommend their Travel Counsellor to their friends and colleagues. So when it comes to customer service, we like to think that the results can speak for themselves.


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