Passionate about Travel

Cathy Burke

Beach Hearts

It's all about passion and romance this week as Valentine's Day approaches.


Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of talking with some very Passionate Travel Agents and their passion is contagious!


These are Passionate Travel Agents (PTA's) who will stay up late into the night to find the RIGHT holiday for their customers. Yes of course they are sales people, but with a passion for being the best and finding the best. I have witnessed these PTA's getting a personal high from finding a better fare, a more direct route or a more suitable hotel for their customers and this isn't compared to what their competiton offered, but compared to what they already quoted the day before to their own customer. I've also seen the same PTA's get so upset when they lose, or believe they are about to lose, a customer for something they feel is outside of their control.


Doing a great job is one thing, but being passionate about what you do and your customers is something that can't be taught or picked up at a training session. It's inbuilt, its part of who these PTA's are.


I consider myself blessed to meet these PTA's on a regular basis, be it within the Travel Counsellors family or outside of it. PTA's need a platform to indulge their passion and they always find themselves drawn towards like-minded people.


The world will always need Passionate Travel Agents. So whether you are a customer or an employer, if you've found yourself a PASSIONATE Travel Agent, hang onto them for dear life! And if you're a PTA - I applaud you.


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