Food for thought

Cathy Burke

Each year, the top performing Travel Counsellors from around the world are invited on an exclusive educational where we all congratulate them and celebrate their achievements. It's a really special time for them and for me too. I am particularly proud that out of 48 Travel Counsellors in the Republic of Ireland we have 6 in this top Gold category.


But it's not all about being the best in the company and being at the top of the league. Although we aim to provide a tailor-made service for our customers, we also pride ourselves on having a personal relationship with our Travel Counsellors and allow them to run their business their way. Therefore we understand that what counts as success if very personal. It's about each individual being the best that they can be. For some that might be earning enugh to treat the family occasionally, or buy something that they have always wanted. Whether it's earning a little or a lot, it's a personal choice and it's about achieving your own personal best, whatever that might be.


The company recognises the importance in investing both time and expertise to help Travel Counsellors reach their potential. At our recent conference in Fota Island Resort, Anthony Iannarino of "The Sales Blog" held a great workshop that challenged us all to believe in ourselves and the value we bring to the customer experience as travel professionals.


This was just what we needed to help us take the opportunities that are abundant at the moment. Travel agents are very busy as Irish people shake off the recession and treat themselves to some sunshine. Our Travel Counsellors always go above and beyond to ensure they deliver the very best customer service; for that I am so proud of each and every one of them!


I recently came across this quote from Thomas Edison; "If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves". Food for thought!


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